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The aim of this site is to provide Oral Medicine learning material intended to enhance the students knowledge in Oral Medicine.


This site is to be used as an adjunct to the teaching provided at the various institutes that Dr Polonowita has an association with and to enhance the teaching provided by him at those institutions.


Any feed back with regard to improvement of the site would be appreciated. The Oral Mednet site is not intended to be totally comprehensive.


Dr A D Polonowita provides Oral Medicine Teaching for the post graduate Oral Surgery Candidates at Fiji National University

Dr Polonowita heads the Oral Medicine service at Otago University and also the Multidisciplinary Pain Clinic. Oral medicine teaching at undergraduate and post graduate levels seeks to integrate Oral Medicine with the disciplines of Oral Pathology and Oral and maxillofacial surgery.


Dr Polonowita  along with Dr Simon Guan and Other Consultants provide Oral Medicine teaching for Post Graduate Students at Otago University

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