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Why is it important to have white patches in the mouth looked at?

White patches in the mouth can be anything from overgrowth of the skin in the mouth to “skin conditions” such as Lichen Planus to something more sinister such as Oral Cancer. The earlier you get it looked at then the better chance you may have of successful management.


What is a biopsy?

A oral biopsy usually involves taking a piece of tissue from your mouth to be sent to the lab so it can be looked at under the microscope in order to confirm what the lesion is.


Does a biopsy hurt?

Biopsies are usually done under loacal anaesthetic and so the area will be “numb”. You may need to take post biopsy pain medication and carry out post biopsy wound care.


Is a biopsy procedure safe?

Biopsies are generally safe but as with all procedures there are risks and possible complications. You should discuss these with your clinician.


I have facial pain and headaches, what can it be caused by?

Facial pain can be due to many things from toothache, ear and eye problems to jaw muscle/joint problems to occasionally something more sinister. It is best to see your GP or dentist first and if appropriate get a referral to Oral Medicine for a diagnosis of Jaw muscle/joint problem and management.

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