Oral Ulcers can be a sign of general health problems within the body including deficiencies. Your oral Medicine specialist can review these and often there may be a simple solution. Some oral ulcers may be more sinister and a simple biopsy can improve the chances of a better outcome.


Oral Ulcers
Facial Pain

Facial Pain can be due to many causes and proper investigations will help quicker improvement. Sometimes facial pain can be associated with and be related to ear symptoms and or headaches.

Dry Mouth

Dry mouth can be due to various causes from lack of saliva to a changed sensation giving a feeling of dry mouth. Proper investigations can allow for a more accurate diagnosis so that management can be improved.

Burning or Tingling

Burning or tingling feeling can be also due to many causes some of which more sinister than others so proper investigation and management is vital.


Swelling in the mouth of face can be from many causes and again should be investigated and managed.


“Snoring” with mild to moderate sleep apnoea can be managed with an oral appliance.


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